BRIVO’s History

Roy Magne Kjøren, Michael Breen, Philip Duns i bakgården

BRIVO was established over a lunch by 3 entrepreneurs with different, but long careers in the IT industry. Philip and Michael worked for a long time with software for monitoring IT value chains and established in Red Ocean in 2011 (now

Roy, general manager, is from the consulting industry and has extensive experience in software development, management and IT operations. The starting point for BRIVO was the availability of large amounts of operational data, and the ambition was to find the right minds who could discover new applications of these. We saw (and still see) symptoms of how data is collected and used in silos, and have great faith in the value of having these used and made available horizontally and up to the business-side.

BRIVO wants to balance advice with customers with investment in in-house developed products and services, and will over time convert its business into service deliveries. The concept is simple: find the best people, place the people in good seats in the BRIVO bus, set the course together and drive off!

BRIVO is in 2020 into its third year of operation. We have now gathered eight employees with varied backgrounds and have concrete plans for further growth when the Covid-19 storm has blown over.