Is your e-commerce store ready for Black Friday?

Each year the “official” sales day of the year arrives, and every year new records are broken. Last year we saw an increase of online shopping on Black Friday by 820% compared to any other day. With all this traffic comes both challenges and risks. In this article we will show you how using the correct tools and services will make sure you are prepared for the biggest online shopping day of the year. You could also sign up at the end of this article for an A-Z Guide to Black Friday with essential technical tips for how to succeed on this very important sales day.

Through the last couple of years, our daily life has changed because of the pandemic, and sales have moved more and more online. This is only magnified on the last Friday of November. According to Google, if a mobile page load time increases from one to ten seconds, the probability of a user bouncing increases by 123%. And even when the increase in waiting is one single second conversions could drop by up to 7%. By taking the correct steps in the Contentsquare tool and tailoring the web page to decrease loading times, this could mean the customers choose you over your fiercest competitors during Black Friday peak hours.

Optimizing the web page for Black Friday can also result in long term improvements to the user experience. Shortening the journey to a completed purchase can not only take the stress of your systems by reducing the number of page requests, but done in the correct way, can improve customer satisfaction by eliminating unnecessary steps. Before making such drastic changes, having a good understanding of where user struggles occur and how to eliminate them is important. Here is where our services and the powerful Contentsquare tool is creating the data-foundation to make the right decisions.

BRIVO’s Campaign Monitoring service focuses on the major happenings on your web page, being a redesign or a Black Friday Campaign. The service delivers reports and suggestion for improvements based on the underlying data generated by the Contentsquare tool. It tracks important Campaign KPI’s to monitor the sites performance compared to a benchmark based on recent page performance before the campaign or redesign.

If you have any questions regarding our DEA services or would like a non-binding demo or meeting, please get in touch with us via our contact forms.

These are just some of the steps BRIVO could assist in preparing your website for any campaign or redesign, so don’t be afraid to request a meeting to see if we can assist in enabling the users on your site in a better way.

What can you do yourself? Download the A-Z guide below for a detailed look into steps that will ensure success on Black Friday. This is prepared by our partner, Contentsquare

The A-Z Black Friday Guide

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