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Digital Experience Analytics, powered by Contentsquare, give customers crucial insights that drive revenue and assist in decision making. The goal is to help you stay ahead of the pack.

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Digital Experience Analytics is a BRIVO service powered by Contentsquare. The service aims to connect all teams in a business and to enhance the decision-making process through data analytics. Today many teams struggle with communication between departments and Digital Experience Analytics assists in implementing a platform where teams align, and cross functional data can be accessed and drive solutions.

The service can be broken-down into three areas: basic-, technical- and analytical-services. The different areas have packages which can be combined to meet the clients individual needs.


How can it help?

The Digital Experience Analytics service aims to enhance your understanding of data and create a path for your teams forwards. If your team either is within E-commerce, Merchandising, Digital Marketing, IT operations, or Analytics, the service will greatly increase the level of collaboration throughout the company, and provide useful insights on how users are interacting with your webpage or service.

Digital Experience Analytics is a tailored service, where we collaborate on finding just the right components depending on your business need. 

The different components can be detailed more below: 

The basic area entails the implementation of the Contensquare tool and follow up sessions from our Digital Experience team to ensure a friction free installment and use.

This service ensures the on-going maintenance of Digital Experience Analytics. Through competent consultants where the business, landscape of tools and other risks are in the center we ensure data accuracy and validity. No daily maintenance on your side, no internal owner, which results in a hassle free service.

This service secures that KPIs from your business will be monitored and alerted if anomalies occur. The service operates at 24/7, ensuring you will never fall behind on operations and potential technical issues.

High-level and detailed analytics for all relevant KPIs and relevant teams.

Follow up on campaigns as well as web/app redesign or re-platform. Evaluates campaign performance, monitor redesign/re-platform, delivers results and suggestions for improvements.

Optimizes conversion-funnels or any funnels that drive user difficulties or need further optimization. Analyzes and finds out hypothesizes, tests and lands solid solutions.

Advanced modelling to recognize user struggles, solutions to maximize business value, while being friendly for cross-functional teams to act on.