The Value of Digital Experience Analytics

The common denominator for digital spaces is the vast expansion over the last decade and especially the recent year. The pandemic has accelerated the trend and made the digital shift a more rapid move for most companies. The tendency has introduced new areas where businesses interact with their customers and partners, all this can be categorized under the user experience. The user experience is required to be agile and continuously improving if you want to continue being competitive. BRIVO, in a partnership with Contentsquare aims to elevate your insights and stay ahead in the market. The Digital Experience Analytics service from BRIVO will establish a platform, powered by Contentsquare to collect user behavior on your website or app, bring along data-driven and actionable insights for your business by closely following key KPIs, as well as advanced analytics. The analytical services in Digital Experience Analytics set your company apart by breaking down the data, acquiring knowledge and preparing activities to improve and exceed expectations.

The value of Digital Experience Analytics is that it builds a data pyramid from data, information, insights and converts this to actionable insights for your business. That way you can focus on activities and growth with increased precision. The service is tailored to your company, and you only pay for what you need. Either if it is just the basic package of implementation, monitoring or service assurance or some analytical services that works best for your company.

Digital Experience Analytics boosts cross functional teamwork by enabling better communication between departments. The road to transparency in a company is the flow of information and a determination to always be better at communicating. The service ensures that all teams have access to the same platform for aligned KPIs in dashboards, excellent visualizations of heat maps, as well as session replays which are all easy to use. Either you are in merchandising, digital marketing, e-commerce, IT operations, sales, or management you will have access to that increases cooperation and a cross-functional information flow.